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One of the precious gifts of nature is the sweet seductive fragance of vanilla. Its delicious flavour in ice cream, pastries, deserts., is most enjoyable and is the favourite of almost every one. There are 110 varieties of vanilla orchids, but only one produces fruit- the vanilla planifolia. It is found in Mexico, madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius and Indonesia where it is commercially grown to produce beans.

Vanilla was discovered in Mexico by Spanish invaders. As a precious item, it constituted one of the tributes paid to aztec overlords by some tribes.

The quality of the aroma and flavour of vanilla varies with the geografical regions from where the beans are obtained, because of their vanillin content plus other factors. It is generally accepted that vanilla beans from Mexico, Madagascar, reunion and Mauritius, are superior because their vanillin concentration is higher.

Our Vanilla “Molino Real” is manufactured using extract of natural vanilla beans (orchid), from Mexico . Once the extract is “brewed”, it is fortified with ingredients that make the flavor bake-proof, freeze-proof, and double-strenght.